Rose Charities

Composed of independent, international, organizations dedicated to rehabilitation of those in need and in particular, enriching the lives of children in countries throughout the world.

Help Lesotho

An Ottawa based charity, was founded in 2004 by educational psychologist, Dr. Peg Herbert, with the mission of mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS by promoting education, gender equity, youth leadership development and grandparent support. The small kingdom of Lesotho in South Africa, has the third highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world. A third of its children are HIV/AIDS orphans or vulnerable children, in the care of aging grandparents or living in child-headed households. Help Lesotho operates 15 schools, has twinned as many with Canadian schools and provides school fees and uniforms for Lesotho students. The local Lesotho communities work together with the Canadian organization and its volunteers, to create effective programs, provide learning opportunities, support and hope for the future of Lesotho’s youth.