The WordLoveWorldLove Project is comprised of four components:

1. Documentary Film
2. School Network
3. Teacher Tool Kit
4. Global Gallery

These four components assist teachers to create interactive teaching and learning experiences for students in Grades 4 to 7.  Participation in the project facilitates collaborative communication, imaginative problem-solving, and decision-making skills. With the inclusion of art, foreign language and film, possibilities emerge for students to explore different cultures in the global community.

The WordLoveWorldLove project has been developed with; local and international principals, teachers, librarians, health care professionals, media artists, and NGO Rose Charities. The project reflects the guidelines outlined by the BC Board of Education, Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grades 4-7 in Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts and Social Responsibility.


A Teacher’s Guide is being developed in collaboration with local, and international teachers in the country we are working with. This interactive Toolkit can engage students to think beyond themselves, and realize they have the power to affect change in the world. The Teacher’s Guide, along with a Teacher’s Toolkit will be available online or by mail.

Learn more about our school network.