Our WordLoveWorldLove films, and Teacher Resources, create awareness of children’s issues in developing countries where our partner NGO’s are currently working. Our WordLove team is committed to facilitating and documenting children’s stories of determination and courage in the face of adversity, illustrating how they can affect change in their own lives and the lives of others. We hope to inspire children and adults alike to adventure into the global community and connect through simple words of friendship and compassion.

We appreciate your interest in supporting the work of The WordLoveWorldLove Project.

As we update, redevelop and expand the project we will announce specific funding opportunities for sponsorship. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the project and/or future sponsorship or associations.


The WordLoveWorldLove Project and the WordLove Documentary films are divisions of DWD Filmworks Inc., a small independent for-profit production company (formerly DWD Media Inc., 2007 & DWD Productions 1994) founded by CEO Donna Williams. Our partner NGO’s  assist us in coordinating  our Canadian schools with schools in developing countries, as well as orientation of our crew and students. We produce our classroom materials, teacher resources and documentary films with our team of dedicated professionals, making our work available to our partner NGO’s and Charities.

We look forward to sharing our progress of The WordLoveWorldLove Project, with initiatives currently in development, creating opportunities for children to empower children in schools around the globe. Please visit our Partners Page for background info on the NGO’S and Charities we work with and our Achievements Page and Supporters Page for previous and current sponsors.

We invite you to tour the website, watch the trailer on our Home Page, stream or purchase the film on Prime Video/Gaia at The film is in distribution with the National Film Board of Canada

Thank you for your interest and we encourage direct donations to the NGO’S on our Home Page to continue their important work.

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for further info, questions and/or promotional opportunities.